Kent Investment Society is a student-run society aimed at bringing together students interested in investing to further develop their commercial awareness as well as gaining an interactive hands-on experience in global capital markets.

Founded in 2010 at the University of Kent in Canterbury by a group of dedicated and passionate individuals, the society will be running various workshops, open-lectures, and maintaining a virtual equity portfolio that is unique to the society throughout the year. Over the past 4 years since inception, the society has grown to become one of the University’s most frequented and active academic societies, with several hundred enrolled students.

The society organises events throughout the year for our members, such as lectures by public and private institutions, trading games, networking events as well as training programmes and business games hosted by our sponsors. We look forward to meeting you through our various events which we have planned for this academic year.

Our Aim

  • To provide members with a valuable hands on experience in the Capital Markets and co-ordination of an Investment Portfolio.
  • To manage a Virtual Fund to allow members to develop their own strategies for responsible investing.
  • To improve members’ understanding of the forces behind the Global Securities Markets.
  • To create strong relationships with UK Financial Institutions, to create sponsorship opportunities and improve future career prospects for all members of the society.
  • To equip students participating in the Virtual Fund with skills and knowledge to strengthen their academic work.
  • To seek to provide the relevant knowledge and skills for members to target a career in finance.

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